Three Sides Out, One Way Home (Malaya 1956-58)

From Singapore to RAF Butterworth to Penang to Frasers Hill

The story of three Englishmen during the Malayan Emergency, each with very different priorities. The driver was also a sniper, the porter was also a thief, and the Padre had come open-minded, empty-handed and turned out to be remarkably versatile!

From building an airfield to opening up a mission house, from dump trucks to chicken soup; they’d be working with trackers, traders, head-hunters and river-pirates. For Porter it started with a crowbar and a motorbike; but Driver needed to allow the jungle to take a piece of him if he was going to survive it; whilst the Padre had been hoping for somewhere ‘colourful.’ Be careful what you wish for! It was going to be a three-alarm clock job and the satchel prompted the negotiations.

Three men: one of them had been sent there, one thought he ought to be there, and one of them really should have known better!

It wasn’t until the hillside hospital when the agreement was made: there were plenty of ways of getting home, but for one of them, only one way to do it ‘right’ and it was going to take ALL three of them going off the rails to get it done.

It was always understood: “No one volunteers, ever, for anything … but sometimes … you’re asked!”