From Pauline of Virginia Water – “Your writing is quite evocative of that period – your book certainly brought many memories flooding back for him.” … “I am thoroughly enamoured with your gift of bringing that period to life through the eyes and thoughts of the youngsters. It is written so gently, and yet under it all is the dark side. So quietly done, but a few words set the tone of what that period was like for the adults.” … “well done for capturing the essence – both of wartime and the strictures – but also of the childhood of those youngsters growing up at that time.”

From Jennie in Leics – “write so well because you ‘get it’ … and thank you for bringing those long forgotten days back to life and, most of all, reminding the ‘young ones’ of today that we did have fun all those years ago.”

From Dave in Norfolk – “Raids, Rallies & Reserves – superb, fascinating events with a surprise every other page, and writing that brings it all to life so vividly. I was reluctant to put the book down. Well done once again.”

From Jeremy in Stamford – “It is a wonderful coping tool and help to look back at fond memories in a time when we have to look forward in a positive way.”

From Lee in Stamford – “devoured ‘All for Overalls’ – just a glorious read, absolutely charming. I can’t wait to hear what they all get up to next!”

From Jean in Horsham – “I bless the day I saw the books advertised in The Oldie magazine.”

From Jennie in Leics – “enjoyed your books so very much and brought back many thoughts of those long gone days … and the village ‘bobby’ helped you home when the chain came off of your bicycle.”

From Dave in Norfolk – “All for Overalls is enchanting. From the first to the last page I was enthralled by the stories, characters and writing.”

From Caroline in Guildford – “Mum is really enjoying the book and is going to order the rest of them.”

From Brian in Stamford – “a lovely reminder of gentler, kindlier times.”

From Dave in Norfolk – “If the Sock Fits! – another superb book … great talent for storytelling.”

From Jennie in Leics – “I can lose myself in another world, books have always been my salvation and yours have brought me so much joy (and laughter).”

From Pauline in Virgina Waters – “Immensely intrigued with your next project … Gertie as resilient and resourceful as ever.”

From Sheila in Staffordshire – “We love your style of writing.”

From Sarah in Stamford – “beautiful book – what joy to have such a gift as your writing is bringing to so many.”

From Sheila in Staffordshire – “He enjoyed the book enormously.”

From Dave in Norfolk – “Three Sides Out … – Captivating, enchanting, enthralling, imaginative and suspenseful are just a few of the words to start describing your splendid book. As the final adventure unfolded, I was agog to know what would happen. All sorts of possibilities sprang to mind. In film making there’s a technique known as ‘The Three Masks’ which is used to create memorable characters in depth. The first is the ‘Public Mask’ which portrays the character in day to day life. The second is the ‘Personal Mark’ showing the character with e.g. relatives and trusted friends. The third is the ‘Private Mask’ giving an insight into the character’s inner thoughts and feelings. Put together, the three form a real, memorable person which the audience or reader can think about and relate to. Your book is a master class in characterisation and story-telling … What a wonderful film it would make.”

From Pauline in Virginia Water – “We were so pleased to see Gertie is going to get into more scrapes. Though how to top that last chapter – with all the haram-scaram of the cricket match and its after consequence, I’m not quite sure! Well done for keeping all the strands together and finally getting an end result – especially Sarg’s face!” … “Gertie has his sense of one-ness with the countryside he inhabits.”