Gertie's Path

Book 3: ‘Raids, Rallies & Reserves’ of The Salvaged Summer Trilogy


Blasted Blitz! Freezing winds and no overcoats … and now the Americans were coming!?


The village was gearing-up to ‘get it done’ through 1941.  


The Germans might have brought the Blitz, but the farmers still needed to work on. Never mind the blasted news and the winter winds, the scrawny village errand-boy had his own inimitable way of inspiring action. “Good grief Gertie, I thought you had more sense than that!”


Humfrey was relieved with the news coming in on the radio, but still had a dilemma. Plenty in the village had offered the church warden their opinion of Gertie’s appearance; even disregarding those land girl dungarees, the lad had a tendency to blurt that could be downright distracting. And those Americans weren’t going to be so understanding either!


In the meantime, there was the serious matter of sausages to get sorted and someone needed to show the new nurse how to handle the RAF hospital’s ‘laundry-over’ day.  


Rusty would be needing Gertie’s help with a raid on Jeepers. They needed to find that typewriter for the post mistress, but it was the haul from Old Spot’s reading books that got them in business.


Doug did his best, but his ‘lovely lady’ still managed to plough up the grazing meadow and send a piece skipping the hedge to knock Riggs from his post. The RAF pilot walked away with nothing more than a few scratches and a sandwich, leaving Riggs with two broken legs, a wounded heart and Gertie playing cupid!


The tractor could be repaired, but the ambulance had done more damage coming through the village. It was going to take more than sweet tea and biscuits to put that right; and whilst they were at it Gertie’s theory on how they were going to win the war managed to open a few eyes into the bargain!


There was another recovery job after that: the Scamps were ‘in, but Jeepers was out of luck! Along with the drowned rat and the tow rope there was some sharp talking to be done before an old bridge could be repaired!  Gertie found his voice and Rusty found her feet.


It was at the cricket match where Sarg’s nose started itching about that Polish doctor trying too hard. All it needed after that was to let Gertie loose with a deckchair and a motorbike, until Mr Tor could get into position to lob that wheelbarrow over the gate. Very satisfying!  


Matters came to a head with news coming through of Pearl Harbour. Mr Tor went missing down a rum bottle and there were a dozen geese to throttle, pluck and deliver. The best Gertie could do was feed the pigs and drag the delirious farmer along for the ride! By the time the convoy reached the new RAF airfield they could see the wiring was all wrong. Riggs did the yelling and Gertie did the bowling. It wasn’t regulation by any stretch of the imagination, but a highly effective method for putting a stop to any more casualties.  


After that it was a straight dash to the hospital with an electric shock, a broken hand and a case of pneumonia onboard. As for Sarg at the gate wondering about that officerGertie could explain everything: “Oh don’t worry Sarg, he’s just there to stop the others falling out!”



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